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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The “Lightspan Network” is a resource available to you right now from any computer with Internet access. Internet access could be at your home, a friend’s house, school, a public library, or any business that might let your child use their computer. Here is how to get into the Lightspan Network:

  1. Go to www.lightspan.com

· The user name is Graham

· The password is Graham

· The district ID is Tall002

  1. To view all of the Tools and Resources for families within the Lightspan Network:

· Click “Families” on the left side of the screen

· Click “Tools and Resources”

· Choose one of the many features

  1. To access Learning Activities:

· Click on Families on the left side of the screen

· Click Learning Activities on the left side of the screen

· Choose Mathematics or Reading/Language Arts

· Click the grade range for the activity

· Select an activity from the list that appears. Find one that supports what your child is learning in school and play it together!

  1. To access the Site Guide for Families or Students:

· Click “Site Guides”

· Click “Families or Students”

Each section provides helpful hints and ideas for using the Lightspan Network.

Family Focus on Learning

Family involvement is one of the most important factors in increasing student achievement. The Lightspan Network provides exciting learning activities, projects, and homework help to challenge and stimulate your child’s thinking. You’ll find resources that help you create an educational environment at home that nurtures and supports your child’s learning.

Note: The first time your child wants to do one of the activities on the Lightspan Network, he or she will need your help on one item. The activities require a program called “Shockwave” which may or may not be loaded on your computer. The first time you select an activity, if you do not have Shockwave, you will see a message. You will have the opportunity to download and install Shockwave. Just follow the on-screen instructions (basically a few mouse clicks). Shockwave will take about 10 minutes to download and install. After that process is complete, your child will be able to do any of the activities in the Lightspan Network.


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