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Thursday, March 09, 2006

National Anthem Project and Music in Our Schools Month

March is "Music in Our Schools Month" across America. This year's celebration is special because of an initiative called the "National Anthem Project."

According to a Harris Interactive Poll of 2,200 American men and women over the age 18, 60 percent do not know all the words to the National Anthem, and of those who do, 70 percent learned the anthem in school music classes. An ABC poll of teenagers found that 38 percent do not know the official name of the national anthem, 15 percent can sing it from memory, and less than 35 percent can name the author.

The National Anthem Project is all about changing those statistics. The project officially began in March 2005 and will culminate in 2007. At Graham, students have learned the words and music through their music classes. Fifth and sixth graders learned about the event which inspired the stirring words.

In celebration of "Music in Our Schools Month" and the "National Anthem Project," we have been including the singing of the Star-Spangled Banner at the conclusioin of our morning announcements. To hear the children's voices echo down the halls in unison supporting over our intercom by a full instrumental accompaniment is a thrilling sound!

If you wish, you may print a copy of the Star-Spangled Banner from here. You may also download recordings of the Star Spangled Banner.


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