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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Community Coffee Promotion

If you use Community Coffee products, the UPC codes can be exchanged for money for our school Community Coffee sells coffee and tea products, creamer, sugar, and coffee filters. They also sell under the names CC's and Private Reserve.

Community Coffee is donating a total of $50,000 to schools who have enrolled students from the victims of Katrina, of which our school is one. We will collect the UPC codes from these products through mid January.

We do not know an exact amount of how much each UPC code will be worth. That will depend on how many schools participate and how many UPC codes are collected. The company estimates we would receive around 15 per UPC code.

I called our local Food World, and they do stock this brand of coffee. Piggly Wiggly says they do not. I could not get a response from Wal-Mart, so that may or may not be a possibility.

To keep things simple from the standpoint of parents and teachers, if you do buy this particular brand and clip the UPC code, treat it just as you would the "Boxtops for Education." As those are collected from teachers, we will sort the General Mills Boxtops for Education from the Community Coffee UPC codes.

It's hard to tell just how much or how little a project like this will bring to the school. The program which Food World sponsored last year (which entailed going to a website and registering your grocery store card one time, with the school getting points each time you used the card) was quite fruitful. It provided a free overhead projector for a teacher whose projector badly needed replacing and a number of die-cuts that all teachers are able to use.

As always, thanks for support of Graham School!


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