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Monday, March 13, 2006

Playground Workday

Thanks to the parents (and several students) who made our playground workday a success. As a result of Saturday's work:
  • Teachers have 2 nice benches where they can sit and supervise students during playtime.
  • We have 2 heavy-duty picnic tables located near the newer playground equipment.
  • We have a thicker pad of pea gravel covering the play area (over 19 tons more pea gravel)
  • The entrance to the school has been pressure-washed.
  • Flowers have been planted in front of the school and leaves raked and bagged.

    We had a great group of parents turn out to make it all happen. Thanks to:
  • Brad Austin
  • Barry Baines
  • Andy Carden
  • John Cullimore
  • Graham Davis
  • Stephanie Dodgen
  • Jeb Fannin
  • Cheryl Ford
  • Mack Ford
  • Britt Parker
  • Jody Parker
  • Mark Rasco

    Thanks also to the students who helped: Peyton, Grant, Paxton, and Tanya.


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